Founding Fathers


Bishop Glen E. Neal

Double Honor To  Our Founder (The Preacher) Bishop Neal

What causes a good man to utter Abba Fa- ther? Your demeanor and mannerism de- clares independence. Yet godliness subjects you to the one who truly is all sufficient, almighty. Meekness is a term denoting one poised with a gentle mild character. Com- monly misunderstood as weak and timid and suggests one being this way due to natural consequence, and thereby sentencing one to a fate of submission and control. However “it must be understood that the meekness manifested by God and commended to the believer is the fruit of power”. That being said, meek is the qualifying attribute that defines The Preacher Bishop Glen E. Neal. The horse is prepared for the battle: fearless, unwavering, powerful and formidable, he yet subjects himself to the one possessing the reigns. A God called and qualified man who hearkens to the voice of the only wise God and Potentate, King of kings, and Lord of lords. This gets Gods attention who de- sires obedience rather than sacrifice and when petitions are made, the ear of God at- tends to that meditation. What discipline equals that of prayer, is there a greater gift to wield? Spiritual warfare gets settled on the battle grounds of prayer. Bishop’s lega- cy to the church is not limited to....... but includes prayer. Because of Bishop Neal’s dedication and devotion to prayer the body of Christ has been greatly blessed. Souls have been saved, deliverance provided, bod- ies healed, captives freed, hearts mended. Because he prayed the dead were raised, can I get a witness? Yes the man of God prayed and the death angel passed the brethren on the roadside, going elsewhere. The vehicle rolled, but you were unctioned to pray and the child of God walked away unscathed and unharmed. Time wouldn’t permit me to enumerate all the occasions the people of God benefited through your prayers. We are all so grateful for you and how you have never hid behind the cover of façade or pretense. With you it remains and always will be, what you see is what you get. Even in light of all your resources you continue modest and in control. You have God’s favor, for you favored God. It’s evident that you chose to have a good name with the Lord Jesus Christ than great riches and to have his favor rather than silver or gold. Your life inspires us all, thank you Pastor for being an ensample of prayer, for by it we have experienced manifold bless- ings. 

Written by: Brother Charles Brown

On June 3rd, 2016, my pastor, Bishop Glen E. Neal, went on to his eternal resting place. Oh how my heart aches to know that I won't hear him saying " daughter, keep looking up." However, I know he fought a good fight and finished his course and is now at rest.

I have many fond memories that floods my mind as I think about him. Like the time we went into business together, BP Pallet Company! Or the times I served with him feeding hogs and taking care of the cows. I also think about how after he had a stroke in 1991, for over 18 months, I prepared him 3 meals per day.

I am grateful for the time he took to mold me into the Saint of God that I am today. I appreciate that he could see more in me than I could and he pushed me to be all that I could be. For example, I would always seek his guidance when I embarked upon a new career profession or a new job and he never steered me wrong. What a blessed and powerful man of God he was!

Thinking back, I have such incredible memories of all the years spent under his ministry.

I miss you Bishop, Pastor, Friend. Rest on and I plan to live so I can see you again.

God bless.

Evangelist Jennie Porter




I watch the seasons of my life pass swiftly every day.

And with every passing year, I watch souls fly away.

As God sees fit with loving grace to take the Elders home.

We watch with admiration as our shepherd stands alone.

A shepherd’s job’s not easy and his life is not his own.

He’s always serving others while his family waits at home.

Love is his motivation, salvation is his goal.

Our shepherd cares for every sheep, he cares for every soul.

So tonight we come together to celebrate this man.

This father, husband, brother, our pastor, shepherd, and friend.

And we want to tell our shepherd that he doesn’t stand alone, for we will all stand with him until Jesus calls him home.

Written by: Sis. Rosemary Herring



Most Memorable M.essages

By our Father Bishop Glen Neal


Lord Who Shall Abide? Psalm 15

The Prodigal Son: Luke 15:11-32

Child Born Son Given: Isaiah 9:6

For God So Loved the World John 3:16

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled: John 14:1-14

I Will Extol thee O Lord…..Weeping May Endure For a Night, But Joy Comes in the Morning: Psalm 30:1-5

All of My Appointed Times, I’m Gonna Wait Till My Change Comes: Job 1:1-14:14 (Basically all of Job)

I Am God and There is None Else: Isaiah 45:18-23

Seek Ye the Lord While He May Be Found, Call Upon Him While He is Near: Isaiah 55:1-11

Who Shall Separate Us? Romans 8:28-39

If Ye Be Willing and Obedient: Isaiah 1:18-19

If My People Who Are Called By My Name Would Humble Themselves….. II Chronicles 7:14

Except a Man Be Born Again of the Water and the Spirit, He Cannot Enter In: John 3:1-13

Without A Controversy, Without an Argument: I Timothy 3:16

What Does the Lord Require? Micah 6:8

Submitted By: Sis. Christi Hall

Bishop I.E. Owens